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Day 71, Blantyre

Improved weather allowed us to continue with our plans. After a full breakfast, Cookie, Marty, Matt and I set off for the Blantyre Country Club for golf. The course was a good standard, although wet and greens rough. Gave up after nine holes of poor form! Grabbed lunch and showered before our Carlsberg Brewery tour. For some reason we all had to dress in girly '70s clothing for the tour and whole evening! It didn't matter much after 45 minutes in the brewery bar. Everyone kept boozing back at Doogles. Excellent fun filled day and forgetful evening.


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Day 70, Blantyre

The boys all went emailing (to avoid busy lines) before breakfast. Another quiet day developed. We spent four hours in the sports bar drinking Coke and watching South African Sky - cricket and rugby! Marty and I wandered the city briefly - a real mix of equalities with some strikingly modern buildings contrasted by usual shitty roads and footpaths. At the hotel we talked more about buying a car and setting plans. Toastie and chips for tea, some card games, Malawi Gold and yarns, and only a couple of quiet beers.

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Day 69, Blantyre

Plans for golf were haltered by persistent rains. So, after another hearty breakfast we relaxed and avoided the weather. We got money changed after a cheap fast-food lunch of nsima and beef. Then watched a spot of cricket with Cooch in a sports bar. The rest of the day was relaxing in Doogles Bar, watching TV, playing cards and eating an excellent dinner. Met up with Matt and Jacquie and Invercargill girls, Kate and Anna.

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Day 68, Cape Maclear - Blantyre

How time flies! Our exit plans were hampered by a deceitful local driver and then by more torrential rain. A ute took 28 people and gear for the hour long, rough journey to Monkey Bay. It was only 280 km journey but with four vehicles and usual number of stops. We only arrived in Blantyre 5.00 pm. At least drizzly rain provided some respite from usual heat. Countryside was very fertile with maize crops prominent and usual bus-hawkers. Settled into pleasant, yet more pricey, Doogles Hostel. Had shower, etc, watched football, consumed quiet beer, enjoyed a vege lasagne before early bed.

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Day 67, Cape Maclear

A very lazy day! After omelette Marty, Kirky and Jason hired kayaks for the day. Cookie and I couldn't be bothered and Cooch felt poorly again - malaria?! We spent most of the day reading. Morning rains contrasted afternoon heat. We took a walk to get bread and braved harassment from local kids. Had an afternoon dip. At 4.00 pm we decided it was time for beer at beach bar. Couple of beers later we enjoyed a beach barbeque laid on by Patrick - joined by Kev and Kim. Had more dubious experiences in a quest/search for some monies owed to us by local kid. More relaxing on beach. Cookie locked himself in his room to provide entertainment!

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