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Day 40, Nairobi

Cooch and Kirky went ahead by early bus while we stayed to use the bank. It took two hours to get USD out on Visa! Cathy set off, while Kim and Kev arrived back at Iqbal. After another big Weet-Bix feed, we only required a quick sandwich for lunch before hitting a mid-afternoon movie - "Lethal Weapon 4". It provided a good laugh and variation to routine. Decided on a change of scene for dinner, so braved a crowded, yet cheap, matatu ride through peak traffic to reach an expensive Thai restaurant. Marty and I settled for nearby Italian pizza and a beer. Also paid $2 for a number two hair shave to obtain convenient travel style.

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Day 39, Nairobi

Awoke from a good sleep to usual bleating of car horns and preaching and singing. Made a trip to the supermarket for a breakfast consisting of Weet-Bix, yoghurt and peaches - better value and healthier! We all organised our buses to Tanzania before me, Kirky and Cooch walked up through the university to the national museum. It was well compiled with interesting sections on game, Earth and evolution. After our return walk we decided to head to Safari Park for a treat. We started with a few expensive beers before our excellent menu, feed included samples of impala, hartebeest, zebra, giraffe, crocodile. Great feed complemented by an acrobatic cabaret show. All for $15 and a short losing streak at casino.

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Day 38, ---> Nairobi

What a long night! Maybe two hours' sleep, so was grateful to arrive in Nairobi - 6.00 pm (only an hour late) - and find Iqbal Hotel was only a small sleepy stumble. Got some more kip. Headed out into crowds and heat to do chores just before midday. Got some newspapers, money, walked through city square and past derelict US Embassy (sporting bomb wounds). Spent time on email - good to catch up but frustratingly slow. Ate burger and chips as a late lunch before several more hours to unwind. Ventured out to value restaurant for usual comical service, ie only a quarter of the menu being available. More fries. Kirky got the same. PS: Spotted some zebra while trying to sleep.

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Day 26, Nairobi

A nice relaxing day awaiting our night bus. We wandered the modern central area for email café. Spent two hour getting news and sending a group email - frustratingly slow. Waited around the hotel all afternoon. My runny bum still plagues me, so I skipped tea. We watched TV and read papers, before heading off to our bus about 8.00 pm. The city area was contrasting to some rundown, dirty suburban areas. No evidence of the city's notorious muggers. Bus was 1.5 hours late and aisle was full of cargo, so we had to clamber over it to get in and out. A miserable start to the journey - cramped, bumpy, sore guts. Just the usual bus experience!

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Day 25, Nairobi

It was a rough lodge and only a five hour sleep, but only 2.5 hours more on the truck. It was an awful trip and we were happy to stop and shoot off for a taxi. At least we saw the desolate north, Mt Kenya and lots of tribal villagers sporting semi-naked dress, beads, spears, bright colours, ear decorations etc. Settled into Iqbal Hotel, showered and ate breakfast. Relaxed, got dusty clothes washed, ate fast food burger for lunch, walked, tried a local beer, watched TV etc - enjoying our freedom. Nairobi looks dirty, littered, with poor roads, yet a reasonable CBD area. Caught some news and rugby on TV before bed.

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