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December 2018

Day 33, Buhoma - Ishasha

Fortunately, Kirky got away on the trek to H group. So we began to formulate our plans over a long breakfast down the road - omelette, chapatti, banana. We changed our plans from Ssese Islands to Queen Elizabeth National Park after Cathy got a tour quote. Cooch and Marty did the walk to Congo. We waited around for our driver before heading off about 5.30 pm. It was a nice evening drive up Congo border through tea, coffee, banana plantations, villages. Our group of ten (including Scot girls) ate at a seedy village restaurant before driving into the park and organising our lodges.

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Day 32, Buhoma

Another plan change as Cooch, Marty and Jas unexpectedly got away on the gorilla trek. Me and Kirky relaxed around the camp area. Angela set off for her flight home and I completed any washing chores. We did a nice walk up the hill to the Congo border with Cathy and two Scot girls, but had to run the descent in time for our lunch. Our order was altered, arrived late and no change available - just the usual. Afternoon involved playing ball, sleeping, reading. Boys' trip got mixed reactions - I was lucky to see the more habituated M group! I ate spaghetti and played cards at the camp while other boys sampled a meal down the road. Couple of quiets.

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Day 31, Buhoma

Spectacular! Woke to win a coin toss to take me to the gorillas. It was a second hand permit for USh260 k. Worth every cent. It was a slow walk up and over the hill with some lazy Poms on a tour. It was exciting as anticipation grew and we tracked the family of 16 to their location. My first glimpse through a dense jungle of a huge gorilla face will remain a special image. Last 30 mins viewing of huge silverback munching vegetation was amazing. The human likeness induces thoughts of evolution. Another slow exit - Poms fed me lunch. Lazy evening playing cards and reading. Loud thunder and wildfire and rain to cap off a memorable day.

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Day 30, Buhoma

Xmas Day

No presents this year! But a brilliant and alternative Christmas. A lazy morning with chapattis for brekkie. Played some ball, yacked and had a beer before visiting a local "establishment" for late dinner. Eight of us devoured matoke, fries, rice, ground nuts, cabbage, chicken, pancake, fruit salad, in a fine example of Ugandan cuisine. Just the usual full Christmas belly. Back at camp we played some entertaining cricket with the rugby ball. Another cold shower, then topped day off with a quiz night. Good interesting fun - combined with copious amounts of vodka and rum.

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Day 29, Buhoma (Bwindi)

An enjoyable and relaxing day. Pumped up the rugby ball and walked to a nearby rocky football field. Played some touch and soccer with a local named Ben. Tiring stuff at altitude. Wandered back with some kids before a very relaxing afternoon at the Bwindi camp drinking beers in the sun. Idealistic setting in hills of the jungle. Enjoyed some songs and dancing from local orphanage kids, before getting stuck into our spirits. Lots of laughs, playing various drinking games and cards. Marty was first to exit! Decided booze may kill bugs. Excelled at black bitch.


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