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November 2018

Day 6, --> Bahir Dar

An early 5.00 am bus departure and a fresh morning. We had about five hours of bouncy and dusty fun with one flat tyre from the shingle roads. Great views and interesting villages passed the time. Mud huts with iron or thatched roofs, no electricity and lots of subsistence farming. Lots of kids following us upon our arrival but finally found nice Ghion Hotel near Lake Tana for £2 each. Relaxed all afternoon at the lakeside in the sun. Had a few beers and tea in the hotel restaurant with Pommie Ed and two Kiwi girls.

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Day 5, Addis Ababa - some place starting the 'F'

Dodgy huts in middle of nowhere on the way to Bahir Dar

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Keflee took us to a smoggy, crowded and chaotic bus station at 6.00 am. Cookie describes the scene as "predatory". Everyone was active on the streets or still covering the pavements. Our shitty bus left an hour late on a bouncy and uncomfortable trip towards Bahir Dar. It was as enjoyable as a 12 hour journey can be in those conditions due to great scenery and village sites and magnificent Blue Nile Gorge - despite the wet seat! But we laughed at the bus, roads and sites to pass time. Upon reaching our overnight village we were surrounded by more kids. Found a cheap restaurant and dodgy tin shed rooms before an early night.

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Day 4, Addis Ababa

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Brilliant day! Kev and Kim arrived. We breakfasted then taxied up the Entoto Mountain range. It left us at 3,200 m and provided great views both north and south over the city. On our descent we walked through very primitive villages and obtained celebrity status. Everyone looked and wanted money. Kids were casting huge stacks of wood, markets were operating and sun was beating down. It was about a four hour trip and 10 km walk and a great experience. Went for burger and beer at the local Acapulco's Bar.

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Day 3, Addis Ababa

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Another late rise and breakfast before tackling the city again. We cancelled our airline trip north (after changing our minds again) and went to the PO before walking up to the markets and bus station. Interesting views everywhere - beggars, scum, stench etc. We drew a lot of attention and attracted more guides and one unsuccessful pick pocket. We gave some coins out but can't please everyone. Went for burger and beers with Ron the Pom truck owner. Good fun night amongst friendly locals.

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Day 2, Addis Ababa

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Slept in late before a warm shower. Had an early lunch at our Baro Hotel porch. Walked into town and wandered with stragglers. Only site of memory was royal Mausoleum holding Kings Menelik II and Selassie. Got really sick of guys following us – friendly but with ulterior motives (almost as bad as Egypt). Nice day and interesting to see the poverty and slums. Lots of unemployed and homelessness was evident. Returned after ditching our mates and went for a good cheap feed before beer and bed.

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