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January 2019

Day 68, Cape Maclear - Blantyre

How time flies! Our exit plans were hampered by a deceitful local driver and then by more torrential rain. A ute took 28 people and gear for the hour long, rough journey to Monkey Bay. It was only 280 km journey but with four vehicles and usual number of stops. We only arrived in Blantyre 5.00 pm. At least drizzly rain provided some respite from usual heat. Countryside was very fertile with maize crops prominent and usual bus-hawkers. Settled into pleasant, yet more pricey, Doogles Hostel. Had shower, etc, watched football, consumed quiet beer, enjoyed a vege lasagne before early bed.

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Day 67, Cape Maclear

A very lazy day! After omelette Marty, Kirky and Jason hired kayaks for the day. Cookie and I couldn't be bothered and Cooch felt poorly again - malaria?! We spent most of the day reading. Morning rains contrasted afternoon heat. We took a walk to get bread and braved harassment from local kids. Had an afternoon dip. At 4.00 pm we decided it was time for beer at beach bar. Couple of beers later we enjoyed a beach barbeque laid on by Patrick - joined by Kev and Kim. Had more dubious experiences in a quest/search for some monies owed to us by local kid. More relaxing on beach. Cookie locked himself in his room to provide entertainment!

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Day 66, Cape Maclear

More like a holiday! After Weet-Bix we got snorkels from some pestering locals and walked along the lake into the Lake Malawi National Park and over to Otter Point. It was a brilliant setting - huge rocks surrounding clear lake waters. We wandered back to our rooms - 5.00 pm. Went out for beers with Yarpie Jason amidst a colourful sunset and bright near full moon. Earnt a chorus of "hellos" from local kids. Enjoyed yummy pizza for tea with some beers. Completed the day with a smoke and yarn on lakeshore.

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Day 65, Nkata Bay - Cape Maclear

It was always gonna be a long day as we attempted to travel to the southern end of the lake to catch other boys. Kev and 'Bimbo' remained behind. We made good time to Salima in fast matatu with lots of fellow travelling mzungu. We were lucky to bump into the boys here. From there it required five lifts to our destination! One bus, one hitch, a pick-up ute, another bus and another ute. The Cape was beautiful and deserved to be more accessible. We were happy to drop gear off at Stevens Camp and enjoy a good fish/rice feed and a few Carlsberg's. We went to The Gap for more deserved beers. Not many others around.

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Day 64, Nkata Bay

Weet-Bix, fruit salad and yoghurt was a real treat for breakfast. We played some word games from Readers Digest before walking back to Chikale Beach for a kayak trip. It was a fun day relaxing on a nearby beach - about 30 minutes for me and Cookie (dragon-boat style). We swum, flipped and dived off rocks, snorkelled, read, yacked and ate generous amount of chicken and rice. Before paddling back, we kicked the rugby ball about and played Frisbee. After returning from Njaya we learnt Brian had missed our cool trip because he was in hospital with malaria! We got a ride up to rescue him and put him in a room with drugs. Early bed.

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